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Celine Dion cancels Canadian gig after media ‘bullying’

. Kamis, 09 Juli 2009
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I’m sick of simpering crooners. Celine Dion is the latest. The warbler recently scrapped a concert in Canada due to ‘media bullies’. Basically, poor ol’ Celine felt bullied by local residents and the press. Someone give those local residents a medal! The My Heart Will Go On singer was all set to play in the city of Halifax, North America on 23 August next year… but now she’s not going to bother and is preferring to sit at home and moan about how terrible it all is. That’ll show ‘em, eh? Her husband and manager Rene Angelil says the gig has been scrapped after critics of the star made her feel unwelcome. He said: “I’m gonna tell you something and I hope everyone is listening. Don’t try to find any reasons for canceling the concert. There’s only one reason and you know what it is. I’m not saying that all people in Halifax are negative, but… this is a question of feeling. We’re humans. If you would go to a city and you read day after day… ‘This is not the place for you, you shouldn’t have come, I expected someone else,’ I don’t know how you would feel about going there.”

The fuss arose after Dion was criticised by HDN columnist David Rodenhiser for a “letdown” gig earlier this month. Let’s be honest here - those that dislike Celine don’t tend to grumble… more… actively hate her. I know I do. Her lyrics are a special type of cheese. The kind of cheese that makes you vomit so much that you have sick streaming from your nose and and an impending hernia. Still, Celine, the wimp, has backed out and hidden under her duvet and with great histrionics is telling the world that she’s not coming out to play. I know this is another media kicking… but I don’t care. I’m in a bad mood and expect more balls from a superstar.

Celine Dion

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